Located in the small coastal town of Montara is
The Susan Hayward School of Dancing.

Celebrating the Art of Dance!

Susan Hayward, the school's co-director has taught dance and ballet on the coastside for over 30 years. She and her staff have created a school where dance is celebrated and enjoyed by students of all ages. School Offering:




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    Summer Camp 2016 - June 20-July 1st

    2016 Rad Exam Results - Congrats to Zoe P, award with distinction in Advanced 2 exam. She qualifies for the Genee International Ballet Competition.

    The Genee International Ballet Competition represents the pinnacle of achievement for young people trained in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. This is the fourth time in the history of our dance school that a student has qualified to go Genee.

    In 2002 Vivian Aragon went to Sydney (Vivian is is a soloist with SF Modern Dance Company, Garrett+Moulton), 2004 Logan Learned went to Athens (Logan is a principal dancer with Sarasota Company, Florida) and more recently 2014 Kiyomi O’Connell went to Antwerp. This is quite something coming from our little rural school.

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