Located in the small coastal town of Montara is
The Susan Hayward School of Dancing.

Celebrating the Art of Dance!

Susan Hayward, the school's co-director has taught dance and ballet on the coastside for over 30 years. She and her staff have created a school where dance is celebrated and enjoyed by students of all ages. School Offering:




    March 2015 Newsletter - click here

    Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) exams - for Grades 1,2,4 Inter and Adv 1 on March 19th. Check March Newsletter for further details.

    Spring Performance - “The Enchanted Crystal Ball” - May 15th-16th

    Summer Camp- 31st Annual Theater Arts, Dance & Music, June 15-26. More info coming soon.

    Dance School Closures - Spring Recess, Fri, April 3rd - Fri, April 10th

SHSD - MONTARA GARDENS STUDIO,   496 6TH STREET,   P.O.BOX 370651, MONTARA, CA 94037 - 650-728-7519

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